Don’t Call Junk Removal For Mattress Disposal!

Alternative to Mattress Disposal

Beds on their way to a new home and changed lives.

Take a closer look at that mattress you’re thinking about throwing out. Is it free of stains, holes and mold? If so, it may still have some life left in it. Rather than send it to the landfill, Sleepyhead Beds will sanitize your mattress and give it to one of the thousands of children around Kansas City in need of a bed. For a fee lower than junk removal, we essentially provide the same service by removing your unwanted mattresses and box springs – but with an improved outcome.
Sleepyhead Beds diverts hundreds of tons of potential waste from landfills every year by sanitizing lightly used mattresses and turning them into life-changing gifts. In addition to the satisfaction of helping the community, donors receive increased storage space and, since we are a 501c2 non-profit, a potential tax credit. 
The next time you move or buy a new bed, don’t call junk removal. We currently accept crib mattresses, pack & plays, twin, full and queen-sized mattresses and box springs as well as all sheets and blankets. We can only accept new pillows.
We cannot accommodate headboards, futons, waterbeds, hospital beds, Sleep Number or any king-sized items.