What we do
Since 2010, Sleepyhead Beds has distributed over 9,500 donated, gently used, and reusable beds to Kansas City metro area children in need of a comfortable place to sleep. (That’s over 9 million nights of restful sleep!) These beds are sanitized and provided to families in need. We are the only organization in the Kansas City who is focused solely on this mission.

How it works
We ask for gently-used beds, bedding or donations from the generous people of the Kansas City metro area. When a bed is donated, with the help of our amazing volunteers, we pick it up and take it to our facility to be sanitized. Only then does it get our Kid-Worthy seal of approval. Then it’s ready to be distributed to the family. The process is as simple as that! We don’t require any formal applications; all we ask is that the donated beds are in good condition. That means beds with stains and/or odors will not be accepted.

A donated bed is a reusable bed
Kids need beds. Landfills don’t. Yet each year thousands of beds end up in landfills. Each bed takes up 23 cubic feet, doesn’t decompose, and ‘floats to the top’ of dumps because of its flexible construction. And old mattresses that are improperly discarded can become refuges for bedbugs and other vermin, creating public health problems.

Every bed donated to Sleepyhead Beds means one less ends up in a landfill! To date, we have rescued enough beds to fill more than 3 football fields or if stacked on top of each other, be the tallest building in Kansas City.

Kid-Worthy Beds
How does Sleepyhead Beds make our beds Kid-Worthy? We use SteriFab, a non-residual, biodegradable sanitizer that is effective against fungus, mold, mildew, bed bugs, dust mites, fleas, lice, ticks and more. Then the bed is certified Kid-Worthy and ready for distribution! Our sanitation process is the “gold standard” of the mattress industry.