Tips and Tricks to Sleep Like a Baby

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of blogs about, you guessed it, sleep. As a pediatric health psychologist whose main focus is to help children and their families sleep better, I find myself talking about sleep in some capacity almost every day. This is also the reason why I became a board member of Sleepyhead Beds, because I know the positive effect good sleep can have on quality of life of both children and adults. And given that Sleepyhead Beds’ main focus is to get #Beds4KCKids, I thought what better place to start this series than in the bedroom. It is probably the room in the house that we spend the most time in, but think about the least.

So if you are looking to improve your sleep, the first step is to make sure that your bedroom is somewhere that you actually want to sleep — somewhere that you feel relaxed.

Think back to a time when you got a great night’s sleep. Where were you? People with sleep issues often tell me that they sleep better outside of their bedroom, like at a nice hotel. Hotels know how to create a perfect sleep environment. Fortunately, you can give your bedroom a 5 -star hotel make-over without spending a lot of money.

Take a look at the checklist below. Anything resonate with you? If you feel like some (most?!?) do, just pick one place to start, and work through the checklist at your own pace. Good luck and sleep well!

Your bedroom/sleep environment

  • Keep it dark. Use blackout blinds or an eye mask if necessary.
  • Keep it tidy. Consider a 5-minute pre-bedtime room “straightening” to create uncluttered surfaces (especially in the bed).
  • Keep it quiet. Use white noise (like a fan, sound machine).
  • Keep it fresh. Pick something pleasing but not overpowering. Remember: the scent YOU find the most relaxing is the best scent. Don’t worry if it’s not on the list below.
  • Keep it comfortable.
    • Bed: (consider size, mattress age).
      10 Tips For Buying A New Mattress – US News
      Note: If you’re getting rid of your mattress consider donating your old one to Sleepyhead Beds so that we can clean it and redistribute it to Kansas City Kids who are needing a bed. Learn More
    • Comfortable room temperature
  • Keep it allergen-free. Bedding (wash in hot water; if allergies, encase mattress, pillows). See link below for more tips.
  • Talk with your bed partner. Do you sleep with someone who snores, is restless – talk to them about it and if necessary, consult a medical provider.
  • Keep your bed electronic-free. When you get in bed, shut off electronics with screens. Your brain and eyes will enjoy the break.
  • Use your bedroom (especially your bed) for sleep and relaxing activities only. For example, don’t pay bills or do work in your bed!

These changes can be hard initially, but you may be surprised how much better you sleep if you treat your bedroom as an oasis and a place to retreat and recharge for the next day. (And for those with kiddos and pets who think your bedroom is their bedroom, well, that’s a topic for another day. :-))

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Kevin C. Smith, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine (CBSM)
Board Member, Sleepyhead Beds


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