Do I qualify to receive a bed?

  1. Have a child who needs a bed.
    • Our sole focus is to provide beds for children. Our waitlist is so great that we must remain focused on that mission. Flourish Furniture Bank provides services for people over 18. They are also an advocate-referred organization. If you are an adult in need of a bed for yourself, we recommend reaching out to one of their partner agencies listed here for a referral: Sleepyhead Beds will supply beds for parents, but there MUST be a child in the home that is in need of a bed to qualify.
  2. Have an advocate.
    • Due to the extremely large number of applications we receive, all requests must be submitted by an advocate. Advocates can be social workers, caseworkers, school counselors, teachers, school administrators, pastors, or healthcare professionals. If you need assistance finding an advocate or social service agency, call the United Way at 2-1-1 or visit the 2-1-1¬†website.
  3. Live in the KC metro area.

How do I receive a bed?

If you need a bed for your child, ask your advocate to request access to our system by clicking the link above. Once they have access, they can submit a bed request for you. The turnaround time varies greatly depending on how many beds are being donated and how many requests we are receiving, but it generally takes 2-8 weeks to receive an email invite with a link to schedule an appointment to pick up your beds.

Sleepyhead Beds is not able to deliver. You MUST have an appointment and arrive at your scheduled time to pick up your beds from our warehouse located at 5604 Troost. We are only able to provide the beds that your advocate requests for you, so please be sure to tell them exactly what you need, including mattresses, box springs, and frames. We do our best to provide box springs and frames when requested, but they are not guaranteed. Please be prepared to accept the mattress only if none are available. Bedding and pillows do not need to be requested by an advocate. They can be picked up with the beds at your appointment time based on availability.

If you need help with transportation, we recommend reaching out to a friend, family member, or neighbor who has a vehicle. We also suggest renting a truck from City Rent A Truck, U-haul, Budget, Uber Truck, or Bungii. You might also want to check with your advocate as they may have other resources or ideas to better assist you with.

What beds do you provide?

Your advocate is able to request mattresses and box springs in the following sizes: twin, twin xl, full, and queen. We also offer crib mattresses and pack-n-plays. We currently have frames for twin and full beds. We do not have frames for queen beds. We try to provide gently used bedding and new pillows when available.


Do I qualify as an Advocate?

Advocates must work for an organization that serves families in the Kansas City community and have an official work email address to qualify. Examples include social workers, caseworkers, school counselors, teachers, school administrators, pastors, and healthcare professionals.

How do I request a bed for a client?

If you do not have access to our system yet, click the “Request Access” button below and provide your information. After submitting the form, please allow us one business day to review the request. Approved advocates will receive an email with their personal bed request link and instructions on how to submit bed requests.